We can help you with your mice control or rat issues when baiting alone won’t typically solve the problem. The damage mice and rats can do can be catastrophic and repair bills can be expensive. Mice and rat removal is important as they are rodents and have to chew. They must chew in order to keep the length of their teeth in check, thus chewing on wires, wood, and plumbing materials, which have the potential for disaster. Mice also carry diseases, plus their fecal matter is a danger to humans.

The second method is a more permanent solution and is very detailed. Sealing up entry points around the home or cottage, and installing a few one-way doors allow them to leave; thus locking them out for good forcing them to relocate to another location away from your home. This is what BN Wildlife Removal will offer as a solution.

In BN Wildlife we offer prevention and management services to help prevent mice from targeting and nesting in your home. Our technicians will visit your home to determine the best course of action for removing the mice safely and ensuring no other mice get into your home. This involves a thorough inspection of all possible entry points, including chimneys, the exterior of your home.



Kind Words

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I looked around for a company that could take care of mice in my house. Nick and his wife show up, they were professional, they explain everything step by step (very patient because I had a lot of questions) they did a great job in my house, that was a couple of months ago since then I have not heard or seen anything. I’m very satisfied with their service, I’m guaranteed for 5 years. It’s a little bit expensive (depends on what’s expensive for you) but it’s a permanent solution. I recommended this company 100%. They are very friendly though.
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We had mice problems and were extremely happy with the prompt service we had from BN Wildlife Removal. These technicians showed up on time as promised and explained the job over again what was required to be done and guaranteed their work for 5 years. They got rid of our mice problem for us and we are very thankful. We will always use BN Wildlife Removal in the future. Thank you to Barb and Nick owners of BN Wildlife Removal. There are a lot of people who say they can do the job but these people know what they are doing and complete the job on time and as quoted.
Leor Zimerman
Leor ZimermanBarrie
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Guys got the work done in great time. Went above and beyond. Will definitely use them again in the future.
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They came and took the baby’s from my attic, solved the problem. They are absolutely amazing, good guys thank you so much!


Once we have arrived at your home we conduct a thorough inspection.


Once we’ve fully accessed your home and your quote has been approved, our technicians will proceed to evict all wildlife from your home.


While we are experts on evicting wildlife from homes, we are also experts in preventing them.