Humane bird and or nest removal is a common request typically in the spring as well as mid-summer. Some species of birds nest more than once a season and often reuse a nest site or habitat a nest from another species.

Frequent bird nest locations include dormers, soffits, and exhaust fan vents from range hoods and bathrooms. Bird nests that are left undetected can be dangerous to your health due to feces, fleas etc. At times, birds have an egg that does not hatch or a hatchling that does not survive the first few days/weeks and can be left in the nest, causing a very bad odor.

Our bird removal services can not only keep the birds safe and out of harm’s way but keep your home protected from birds wanting to make another nest. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week if you have been having problems with nests inside your home.

In BN Wildlife we offer prevention and management services to help prevent birds in your home. Our technicians will visit your home to determine the best course of action for removing the birds safely and ensuring no other birds get into your home. This involves a thorough inspection of all possible entry points, including dormers, soffits, and exhaust fan vents


Kind Words

Nicole Cornejo
Nicole CornejoBarrie
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I start hearing noises in my bathroom vent so I called bnwildliferemoval and they found out that I have birds in my wall vent. They removed everything even a nest, cleaned up, sanitized, and covered the wall vent. Now birds are locked out and no more noises 😁 We are super happy with their services , super friendly people 🙌🏻
Maria Malik
Maria MalikBarrie
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Nick and Barbara were amazing they one week ago to take out bird and it’s babies from my attic blocked all the possible entrance and found one baby in the attic. Nick told me he wasn’t able to see any other babies but if I kept hearing noises from attic after a week give him a call. He responded right away and came back to see if there were other babies. He made sure all of them out. And they kept their words. Will recommend them highly.
Leor Zimerman
Leor ZimermanBarrie
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Guys got the work done in great time. Went above and beyond. Will definitely use them again in the future.
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They came and took the baby’s from my attic, solved the problem. They are absolutely amazing, good guys thank you so much!


Once we have arrived at your home we conduct a thorough inspection.


Once we’ve fully accessed your home and your quote has been approved, our technicians will proceed to evict all wildlife from your home.


While we are experts on evicting wildlife from homes, we are also experts in preventing them.